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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Mullo, The Vampire of the Gypsys

Mullo is the restless one that rose up from their grave to avenge their death and torment those who are responsible for her death. It is a term used by the Gypsy to describe vampire. The intention of this creature is to extract revenge. However, this vampire would be killing any person she dislikes eventually. It will also engage in various sexual activities. They strangle human and animals first before feeding on them. They usually appear a normal human, except that they have no bones. Legends say that they leave their bones in their grave.

The Unique Traits of Mullo

Gypsy Girl With Mandolin | PublicDomainPictures
The Mullo has a very long hair. Some of them have hair touching on their ground. Their hair also appeared to be in fire due to its yellow color. They also have fangs that are similar to elephant’s tusk. When they are living, they are people who die wrongful death. They will then rise up on their grave and torment those people responsible for their death. This will happen between 40 days-5 years. People tend to be more cautious during this time period. This is necessary since they are vile creatures.

Sexually-Active Vampire

The Mullo is a sexually active vampire. They are having sexual intercourse with those people that they were never allowed to be married when they were still alive and also to anybody that they like. Their sexual urge is insatiable that their partner grown weak and eventually die. This is a trait of the eastern vampire. It is also said that they will invite you to join her on her grave once she liked you. The woman is possible on becoming pregnant when having a sexual relationship with a male vampiric entity. The son of the vampire and this creature was apparently called Dhampir.

How to Destroy It

The Mullo can be destroyed in a number of ways. When one recited a Roman incantation commanding the creature to burst, the creature will be obliged to obey and explode. A puddle of blood would be left as a trace of its presence. An iron and a holy water is also said to be effective against this undead creature. If you happen to come across the left sock of the vampire, you should fill it up with stones and threw it on running water. The undead will be forced to search for its socks until the creature was drowned.

Interestingly the Gypsy has a belief that the dead never returned from the living. However, despite of this belief they are also scared about the possible torment that a Mullo presents. Compared to the other types of vampires that can live from thousands of years, this creature has a shorter life span. It is believed that they can only exist from 3-5 years upon its burial.

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