It was during the year 1964, when the head of the MKSEARCH are developing the perfect truth serum to create the perfect “Manchurian Candidate”.  The experiment is like a continuation of the works of Dr. Cameron and Dr. Gottlieb, who were the head of the MK-ULTRA.  But for them to perfect the drug, they would have to use a human guinea pig.  The agency would pick someone who wouldn’t create a suspicion in case they disappeared.

The mind control project reached its climax when Richard Helms assumed the post as the Director for CIA on the 30th of June 1966.  During this time, they would no longer need to search for their test subjects.  VietCong prisoners would be delivered right in front of them when they need one.  All POW (Prisoners of War) that were used as a test subject was declared MIA or killed.

The project named Operation: Spellbinder is created to find the perfect sleepwalking assassin.  Those assassins would be assigned to kill high profile figure while in a state of tranquility.  They would be hypnotized, drugged; mind controlled and ordered to do things that are ordered by their masters.   One of the targets that time was Fidel Castro; the assassin however would have no memory in killing him or in the process would be ordered to let himself be killed by the bodyguards.  But during the whole process he would be unaware of what he’s doing.  He is in a zombification process making him unable to control his body and mind.

But after sometime, Operation Spellbinder was taken down by the official and was declared an utter failure.  At least that is what they want us to perceive considering the fear that it might bring to the public and also the number of those test subjects that ended up dead after being subjected to sadistic measures.

Zombification process has indeed proven useful to the military and government. 


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