Barabarlakos is a Greek Vampire revenant.  There are some factors that one can turn into a Barabarlakos according to the legends.  One particular way is that when someone lived a sinful life and a cat jumped over their corpses, a murder victim and a person who took suicide is also in danger of becoming a barabarlakos.  In addition, consuming a meat who was bitten by a wolf make you a good candidate of turning into this creature.

The Barabarlakos will return from the land of the living looking like a normal person with no sign of decomposition at all.  At night, the creature will rise from its grave and visit the houses of the villagers knocking on their doors and calling the name of host.  If no one answers the call, he would move on to the next house and would never return to the previous house ever again.  And since this vampire is known as impatient and does not knock on the second time, it has been a tradition in Greece to wait for the second knock of their visitors before they answer the door.

It is also believe that through this idea aroused the belief that vampire may not come inside the house unless he was invited by the owner of the house.  But in some instance that a person answered the knock on the door before the second try, the creature would attack them at once and would knock them in an instant.  They creature would mantle them to the ground crushing them until they are dead.  Once they are dead, the creature would proceed on sucking their blood.

Like some of the Greek Vampires, this creature is not vulnerable to sunlight and does not require blood in order to maintain its existence.  It is also believed that any person who would see a barabarlakos would die on the spot.

The only way to fully destroy this creature is to find its grave and exhume the body and reduced it to ashes.


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