Ornias, A Vampiric Demon Controlled by King Solomon

Accounts of the Ornias can be found in the Testament of Solomon, these scriptures can only be found in Christian literatures.  This depicts how Solomon was able to construct his temple by controlling the demons with the help of an enigmatic ring that was given to him by Michael the Archangel.  Ornias can shape shift and steal the spirit of its victim.  According to what is written, it is a fallen angel that dwells in the Aquarius constellation.  He often kills the man born in the sign of Aquarius by strangling since he believe that these men do not have a passion for those women who was born in the sign of the Virgo.  He would change into a man who likes boys and inflict pain to those men, he would then transform into a lion with wings.

It is said that when the Ornias appeared to attack a young boy and sucked his life, Solomon went straight to the temple to pray for the gods.  Michael the Archangel showed up and granted him with a magical ring that can control the demon.  Solomon lends the ring to a lad and told him that he should throw the ring to the Ornias once it presented itself to him.  The boy did as what he was ordered to do.  The Ornias showed up and the boy threw the ring on him.  The Ornias who was hit by the ring shrieked in pain.  He then promised the young boy all the wealth on the Earth if he would take the ring away. But the boy didn’t listen to the vampiric demon and took him to Solomon.

Solomon decided to question the Ornias, the creature said that he brought the gift of prophecy to Solomon.  The creature claimed that demons fly to heaven from time to time to listen to their plans and eavesdrop.  When their wings grew tired and weary they will then drop to the earth like a falling star.

Solomon then commands this Ornias to take the ring and place the similar stamp to Beelzebub, the prince of demon.  The demon managed to place the seal on Beelzebub and Solomon was able to control the whole demons to build his temple.  Beelzebub also revealed that he was the former highest ranking angel of the heaven.


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