Chedipe is a witch vampire of the Godavari River in India.  It literally means prostitute that is associated with devadasis who are often referred to as the temple prostitutes.  Chedipes are also referred to the undead, those who have died during their pregnancy or during child birth.  Prostitutes are also a great recipe to become a Chepide.

It is also described as a woman with a vulgar attitude who was often seen riding a tiger during night time.  She locates for a house to prey, if in any case that the door of the house is locked, the door magically opens and the chedipe enters the house naked.  She will then cast a curse on the residents of the house that will make the drowsy and eventually fall to sleep.  She will now start to feed on the blood of all male residents of the house. 

Some records state that the chedipe only feast on the blood of the strongest man others say that she only kills those men that she holds grudge against.  In the morning, the victim would feel weak and tipsy and if he does not get a proper medication, the chedipe will return every night until he died due to massive loss of blood.

Like the succubus, the chedipe also has an insatiable sexual urge.  She will have a sexual contact with the man of the house resulting to the suspicion of the wife that her husband is having a relationship with another woman.  From this doubt will start the distrust and unfaithfulness that is a source of strength of the chedipe.  It is believe that the chedipe can also feed on the sadness and pain.    She can also pluck the tongue out of her victim in the blink of an eye and also create a wound where she can place a stick that would result to burnt damage.


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