Poludnica is the Slovenian version of the La Llorona of Mexico.  It is a beautiful tall woman wearing white dress and always appear to be mourning.  In other instances, the poludnica is said to be carrying a scythe or a shear (similar to Kuchisake Onna of Japan and the Red Lady of Korea.)

The poludnica often attacks during the harvest time, scaring those workers who have not taken a fine rest.  The poludnica is blamed for the heatstroke, heart attack and madness of people since it is believed in Slovenia that she has the ability to inflict them with these diseases.

If the Poludnica is not tormenting the workers he would be luring young men with her beauty.  And when they reach the isolated area of the woods, she would immediately attack them and drain them of their blood.  She also tends to break the limbs of those person who happens to come across her.

She also tends to approach a worker from time to time.  When she does, she would start asking her with difficult questions and when the worker finds it difficult to answer her queries, she will instantly decapitate the head of that worker.  If a poludnica happens to pass by, one must immediately drop to the ground and be perfectly still until it left.

Workers in Slovenia tend to decorate a bundle of grain to keep the creature away.  The workers would burn down the decorated bundle of grain after the harvesting period.  She is also held responsible for kidnapping kids that are unattended.


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