The Black Hounds

Every place in the United Kingdom has a story to share about the famous Black Hounds.  Those who have claimed to see the dog said it is some sort of a phantom dog that has a black fur.  Other started calling it the hellhounds, because of the grim fate that happens to everyone who saw it.

The origin of the story and the year it started is literally unknown.  It’s like one day the towns folks woke up and fear the power of the black hounds.  They said that the fate of a person is dictated on how many times you see the hell hounds, joy for those who saw it for the first time, bad fortune for the second time and an imminent death for the third time. 

In the 16th Century, there was an account about an encounter on the said creature on a church in Suffolk.  The church is having their regular sermon when thunder-storm started to shake the structure.  Suddenly a black hound appears and presented itself in front of the whole people attending the sermon.  But no one can tell how the black hound managed to enter the church since every window and doors are barged in order to keep the strong gusting of wind nd the torrential rain from coming in.
The black dog brushed himself to one of the churchgoers who immediately died after that.  His wife reached to him who accidentally brushed herself to the dog and she also died.  A bold man approached the black dog and tried to remove the creature but he shrieked in pain, after a few moments he fell down on the floor, lifeless.

The black hound made an appearance again at the Blythburg church.  The priest tried to drive away the creature and invoke the name of God.  But the priest together with the clergymen was blown away by an unseen force.   Today the building found on Blythburg were ornamented with dog shape weather-vanes.  They said that this serves as a remembrance to the incident that happened in the Blythburg church. 


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