Guy de Maupassant

We are well aware about Guy de Maupassant and his last years inside the Asylum.  But prior to this there is an entity blamed for his mental condition and it is his ‘twin phantom”.

It is believed that during his last years, Guy de Maupassant has a “doppelganger” and he commonly interacts with it.  Allegedly, it does not only interact with him but in one occasion it also dictated him a short story.  If this was true, then his last stories were ghost-written, apparently by a ghost, or is it really a ghost?

The story that the phantom dictated to him was “The Horla”.  The Horla is a story of a man who was slowly consumed by the evil spirit until he loses all his sanity, and the evil spirit eventually possessed him.  Soon after Maupassant finished the story, his mental condition started to deteriorate.

There is another version of the story, wherein the phantom appeared before him and he was terrified.  He called his servant and the phantom disappeared.  Few months later, the phantom reappeared before him.  It entered his room possessing a sad emotion on his face.  It allegedly sat down and buried his face on his face as if exhibiting an unbearable pain.  At that time Maupassant was sure that the creature is a harbinger of ill fate.  Guy de Maupassant died after a year inside the Asylum.


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