Upyr is one of the most popular vampire specie in Russia, particularly in the region of Ukraine.  They are vampires that like to target first the children and then their parents.  They said that they kill their victims by draining their blood.  But it is believed that this creature has also adapted sharp teeth that are as tough as steel that enables them to chew on everything.   They said that this feature is particularly helpful during the Russian winter when their hands are trapped on the ice.

Like most of the type of vampires in Russia, the upyr is not vulnerable to the sunlight.  They can walk during the daylight and search for their prey.  But they usually attack during night time.

In order to kill an Upyr, a thread must be tied on one of its button for you to be able to track it down when it returned to its graveyard.  When you managed to discover the greave of the suspected upyr, you must sprinkle them with a holy water and drive a stake through its chest.  But you should always remember to just stab the heart of the Upyr once.  They believe that by staking the Upyr twice would bring it back to life, and it will be stronger and more dangerous than ever.  If a hunter would accidentally stake their chest twice, it is believed that the hunter would vanish in an instant.

In other regions in Russia, a n upyr is said to devour the heart of the victims.  They can be killed by decapitating their heads and burning their remains to ashes.

Ukraine and Czechoslovakia also has a variation of vampire similar to Upyr but with different spelling.  They call them Upir.  These Upir are a lot similar with the Russian vampire but has a different behavior of devouring large amount of fish.  The reason for this kind of behavior was vaguely explained.


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