AL-half human/half animal creature (Armenia)

An Al is a part of the Armenian lore, a half human half animal cryptid that usually preyed on pregnant women.   Some scholars believe that the identity of an al may have sprung from the Babylonian legend of alu which is a phantom that causes disease in a shape of a black dog.

According to legends, the al can be  identify with its fiery eye,  brass fingernails, iron teeth with tusk of a wild boar and a hair that is similar to a snake.  Those characteristics are often concealed by the al by wearing a pointed hat with bells.  It is said that the al can often be seen living in a damp and dirty old places.

The al attacks the pregnant women by strangling them and taking their unborn baby, which is said to cause their miscarriage.  Based on the stories, al often attacks those unborn babies that are up to 7 months old.

The story of al is associated with Christian literature.  Some said that the Lord gave Adam an al, but they were not in harmony since the al is a composition of fire and Adam was made up of dust.  So the Lord decided to create Eve.   Ever since that fateful they the al has promised to attack every woman and make their life a living hell.  There is also this story about St. Peter that came upon an al.  St Peter was travelling down the road when he noticed a creature that is occupying the wet spot of the road.  The creature has the same characteristic of an al that was first mentioned above.  St. Peter approached the creature and told it to identify itself and its activities.

They said that the best way to defend against an al is an iron.  A pregnant woman should always make sure that he is surrounded by iron in her bed.  Some says that placing an iron knife under your pillow would drive away the al.  There are also types of prayers and incantation to drive away the gruesome creature.


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