The Werewolf of Jarnitz

In the town of Jarnitz, there lived a werewolf who was believed to have the ability to transform himself into anything. This werewolf was said to spend the whole evening thieving sheep to their pen. During those days the shepherd is keeping all the sheep inside the pen every evening. Eventually the shepherd noticed the alarming rise of the stolen sheep. He started guarding the pen at night while armed with a loaded gun hoping that he would come across the robber of the sheep.

There were nights that he was able to sight the sheep and he managed to hit it with his gun but to his surprise it doesn’t seem to have any effect on the werewolf. Finally the shepherd decided to load his gun with a silver bullet. Those silvers are his inheritance but he decided to melt them and turn them into ammunitions. This time he believes that he would be able to pin down the creature.

The shepherd did again his night patrol as he usually does. The werewolf appeared again that night, but as he was getting close to the sheep inside the pen he felt a sensation that the shepherd might be able to kill him this time. The werewolf immediately reverts back in his human form and approach the shepherd. He told the shepherd that there is no need for the shepherd to kill him. The shepherd appears to be familiar with the werewolf as he lowers his gun that he was aiming at him a while ago.

After this incident, the werewolf of Jarnitz never stole a single sheep again. Jarnitz is said to be a town on the Rugen Island near the Baltic Sea.


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