The Pontianak is a vampiric ghost of Malay origin; it is believed to be a spirit of woman who died while they are pregnant.  The Pontianak was said to be related to another vampire creature that dies from giving birth.  There is also a city in Indonesia named after this creature.  Pontianak was believed to haunt the first sultan who used to settle in that place.

Pontianak is a pale woman with a long hair and usually wearing white.  They usually look beautiful since they seduce young men.  Some experts believed that Pontianak is only created by random housewives hoping that it will stop their husband from having sexual encounters with different women.

It is believed that a Pontianak is present if you hear a cry of a child.  If the cry is loud then the Pontianak is still far and if it is soft the creature is near.  Some people based it on the howl of the dog, while others detect its presence by the fragrant scent that would be followed by an awful stench.

The Pontianak will eat your internal organs by drilling your stomach using its sharp fingernails.  If at times that it possessed revenge on men, the Pontianak would rip of the sex organs using its bare hands.  You also have to close your eyes once the Pontianak is near since it will suck its eyes out of your socket if you keep it open.  Malays would not leave any of their clothes outside; they believe that the Pontianak would be able to locate its prey by sniffing the dried clothes that was left outside.

The locals believed that this vampiric creature dwells on banana trees during daytime.  In order to kill a Pontianak, you must insert a nail on the hole of her neck that will make her a beautiful woman again.  But remember that it will return on being a blood sucking creature once you remove the nail.


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