Polong: Malaysian Vampire

A polong is a tiny vampire about the size of a thumbtack that is under the command of a certain practitioner of black magic.  This tiny creature is of Malay descent, but don’t let its size deceive you because this one is instructed by its master to torment and eventually slay its prey.

Polong is created by someone with knowledge on witchcraft.  A blood of the murdered person was collected and placed in a bottle.   The bottle is set aside at around 1-2 weeks.  The owner should then utter a magic incantation.  After 2 weeks, he should be able to hear someone crying inside the bottle.  The owner must cut his finger and feed the polong with his own blood.  This is a traditional sign of pact among the Southeast Asian nation.  This is believed to strengthen the bond between the owner and the polong.

There is no clear description that depicts the true appearance of a polong.   On some part of Malaysia, polong believes to be taking the form of a fiery ball when they were sent out of the bottle to hunt.

Polong like the pelesit grow berserk when they were hungry and will start to harm others.  But on some books pelesit is the familiar of the polong, they work hand in hand.  The pelesit which is a cricket demon will drill a burrow into a human skin.  The polong would then enter that opening to suck the blood of the victim.

A few indications that a certain person was attacked by polong are through the markings in his body.   There should be bruises left by the attack and most often than not, they would be spitting blood occasionally.

It is said that if a polong enters the human body, it would not listen to anyone except the master.  The master would then present itself to the family of the victim offering his help that he can exorcise the polong in exchange of money.  Sometime a Bomoh (witch doctor) is called in order to repel the attack of the polong.  The Bomoh would place black pepper on the victim to drive away the creature.  In any case that the victim is a Muslim, he must recite a prose found on the Quran.  The polong will plea for the prayer to stop, it will then state the name of its master, but the shaman states that the polong statement cannot be trusted due to its loyalty to its master.


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