Viscount de Morieve

Viscount de Morieve is a name given to an active vampire during the French Revolution.  He was believed to be haunting his ancestral place.  He was a nobleman who was clever enough to survive the French revolution.  He promised that one day he would take his sweet revenge against the people who treat him immorally during the time of anxiety.  He waited patiently for the right time to come.

When the French revolution ended, he summoned those people on his land and decapitated their heads.  He was assassinated after due to the beheading incident.  After his burial, children in the villages started to disappear.  Their corpses were later discovered with torn throats and their blood was drained.

The people then repaired his coffin.  While under repair, the people claimed that the Viscount has claimed 9 more victims in a span of one week.  The eerie incident continued for 72 years and the attacks subsided upon the title was transferred to his grandson.  The grandson decided to investigate the incident that kept the town in fear for 72 years with the help of a priest.  The priest examined the corpse when they opened the coffin.  They were shocked to see that even so many years have passed the body of the viscount remained preserved.  His skin is not leathery like the other suspected vampires, but it is soft and his teeth appear to be growing.

The grandson was terrified on the sight of the body, he immediately asked the people to take the body out of the casket and stake him with a whitethorn.   As soon as they stake they body, a massive fresh amount of blood gushed out and they claimed that they heard the corpse scream.

They investigated the background of the Viscount and found out that he was originally from Persia; they believe that he might be a descendant of the vampires in Persia.  The accounts can be seen on the book of Adelaide Middleton entitled Another Grey Ghost Book.


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