Cannibal Mom

An 8 year old boy was apparently skinned by his own mother and eaten by his relatives after locking him up in a cellar.  His mother, Klara Mauerova is said to be a member of the Grail Movement, an evil religious cult. She was weeping inside the court room while telling the story of horrors about torturing his son, Ondrej and his 10 year old brother named Jakub.

The two kids also tell the court how their own mother would stub cigars out on their skins.  She also allegedly whipped them using a belt and tried to drown them on different occasions.  The boys were apparently sexually abused by their own relatives and even forced them to cut themselves using a sharp knife.  They were allegedly being kept in cages if not handcuffed to the tables.  She would also make them stand in their own urine for a few days.

The abuse was discovered when a man from a nearby room installed a baby monitor to make sure that his kids are properly taken care of.   But the baby monitor picked up other signals from a similar monitor installed in the house of the suspect.  It showed an image of a kid naked and beaten while chained in the cellar.

He called the attention of the police and the police immediately responded.  They were able to rescue the two boys and a 13-year-old girl.  But apparently, upon further investigation it turns out that the 13-year old girl was really 34 years old and one of the torturers of the boys named Barbora Skrlova.

She went to Norway to evade the charges but was later captured and brought back to Czech to face the trial.  The torturers were all members of the Grail movement which have a tleast ten thousand followers worldwide. The suspects is said to receive a text message from someone who was only known as “The Doctor” telling them how to abuse and torture the boys.


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