James Brown, a Sailor Vampire

The James Brown incident was a popular case about a Portuguese sailor who murdered the two crews of the ship by sucking their blood.  But just as how fast the news spread all over North America, the issue died all of a sudden, the only evidence left are the news paper clippings, prison register as well as the ship’s logs.

According to the documents, the story about the James Brown vampire incident happened in 1867.  James Brown left the port of Boston riding a fishing vessel.   Suddenly, the captain noticed that 2 of his crews are missing.  Feeling worried and a bit angry that the two are neglecting their duties, the captain decided to look for them.  He went into the hold and saw Brown sucking the blood from one of the missing crew members, not far from their location was the corpse of the other missing crew, all dried out of blood.

James Brown was sentenced to death due to the atrocities he committed, but the President intervened and reduced his sentence to life imprisonment.  Brown was first jailed at the Suffolk jail and later transferred to the Ohio State Penitentiary.   After two years the government sent him to the US Government Insane Asylum.   Rumors said that James Brown committed another murder while inside the jail reason why he was transferred to the Mental Asylum.  But why did the President intervene on his death penalty?  And why did the issue dissolve all of a sudden?  These are just some mysteries in life that we might never solve due to the alleged cover ups of people in the higher position.


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