Auvergne Werewolf

Auvergne werewolf is a case of a woman who was executed due to allegations that she’s a werewolf.  The event took place in 1558 and was documented by renowned demonologist Henri Boguet.  Accounts can be found in his book Discours des Sorciers written in the year 1602. Though the account was only reported by reliable sources and not personally witnessed by Henri Boguet.

It is said that a nobleman asked a hunter to bring him a few of his kill.  While the hunter is in the forest, he was attacked by a werewolf.  Fortunately he was able to severe one of its paws; he placed it in a knapsack and went back to the castle.  He went to the nobleman to present the evidence that he encountered a werewolf, but to his dismay, the paw was nowhere to be found when he opened the knapsack.  Instead he saw a hand of a woman wearing a golden ring.

The nobleman recognized the ring; he knew that the ring belongs to his wife.  So the nobleman went to his wife and interrogated her regarding on her daily activities.  He noticed that his wife is hiding her arms.  Upon further investigation, the wife admitted that she was the werewolf who attacked the hunter.  Her admission of her true identity led to her death.  The wife was burned alive at the Ryon stake.


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