Frederick Ransom

New England Vampire panic is the result of the unexplained sickness that time.  There is a little information about consumption; most often this type of sickness is associated with vampirism.  Such is the case of Mercy Brown and Frederick Ransom.  By now most of you have already known about the identity of Mercy Brown.  Apparently the same incident also happened in Vermont on a suspected vampire by the name of Frederick Ransom.

Frederick Ransom came from a well-to-do family from South Woodstock Vermont.  He was attending a college at Dartmouth when one day he came home very pale and looking sick.  Frederick eventually died due to consumption on February 14, 1817.  His father suspected that an undead might have caused his sickness.  Fearing for the life of the other members of his family he suggested exhuming the body.  And just like the case of Mercy Brown, his heart was burned and the ashes was mix with water and consumed by the sick members of the family hoping that it will cure them.

Unfortunately not long after the death of Frederick Ransom, his Mother, sister and two brothers also died.  The case is one of the well documented exorcisms of undead manifestation in the history of New England.

The story of Frederick Ransom was shared by his brother Daniel.  He was only three years old when the incident happened but he clearly remembered every details of it.  The alleged exorcism happened in Woodstock Village that also involved a man they called Corwin.  But as of late, they were unable to find a grave bearing the name of Corwin which placed some inconsistencies on the account of Corwin.

The vampirism account of Frederick Ransom was published on 1890s in Vermont Standard.  Other local news agency grew an interest on the case including Providence Journal and Norwich Courier.


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