The tribe of Bebarlang

There is a tribe in the Philippines claiming that their members are adept in doing psychic vampirism.  They said that they can do astral projection and visit their prey; they will then drain the energy and the life force of their victim.

Bebarlangs are not creature of the night, they are entire human who were claiming to learn psychic vampirism.  Members of the tribe said that they know a high level of astral projection allowing them to visit far villages and suck on their vitality.  They said that if they all work together in one night, they are capable of wiping out an entire village in just one attack.

They usually prey on those that are sleeping.  Some of them allegedly have a power to enter the mind of an individual and steal his secrets together with his life force.  The bebarlangs live in the rural jungle of the tropical island of the Philippines.

To protect you from psychic vampirism, A charm can be made which consists of a blood, a strand of hair, and strips of fingernails that would be mixed with mud and wax.  The must should be taken outside the doorstep of your house.  They would usually mold it into an angel figure or any types of design and use as an amulet that is hung in the owner’s bed.  There were also accounts that the person who is being victimized by a psychic vampirism can use it as a necklace to protect him from time to time.

It is remarkable that the Bebarlang does not only attack the people of other villagers.  They also attack those who are within their tribe and suck them not of their blood but of their life energy.  They deemed to be invisible to the naked eye when they launch their attack.


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