Vampire or Zombie of Castle Alnwick

The event was documented during the 12th Century by William of Newburgh.  It is about a terrifying incident of a blood sucking monster that terrorized the town that surrounds Alnwick Castle, Northumberland, England.

The story started with a man who lived his life with sins and cruelty.  He moved to the town to evade the authorities that are seeking for him.  He was sure that the officers can never lay a hand on him on this place since he is well acquainted with the Lord of Castle Alnwick. 

He decided to settle down on Castle Alnwick and get married.  But there are rumours that his wife is unfaithful to him.  To discover the truth behind the rumors, the man said that he’s going away for a trip and will be gone for several days. He hid on top of the roof and spied on her wife.  At that night he saw a young man visited his wife and he was able to catch his wife committing an act of adultery.  The man was too shocked that he fell off the roof.   The man incurred severe injuries that eventually caused his life.  He never had the chance to repent his sins, but he was given a Christian burials.  William Nyubskogo said on his certification

For by the power of Satan in the dark hours he was wont
to come forth from his tomb and to wander about allthrough the streets, prowling round the houses, whilst onevery side the dogs were howling and yelping the wholenight long. Throughout the whole district then every manlocked and barred his door, nor did anyone between thehours of dusk and dawn fare to go out on any businesswhatsoever, so greatly did each one fear that he mighthaply meet this fellow monster and be attacked and mostgrievously harmed.”

Days after the supposed burial of the man, people over the town claimed that the man visited their house at night. The documented event stated that the dead man leave an unbearable stench on every home he visited that people from that town started to flee and relocated somewhere else.  The bizarre event has come to the knowledge of the bishop, so one Palm Sunday the Bishop talked to the council in order to find a solution to the problems.

But there are two men, who can no longer kept in silence due to the death of their loved ones that they blame on the dead man.  They started exhuming the dead body and burn the corpse.  The body was already swollen but with red cheeks, it is clear evidence that time that the corpse is still feeding on blood.  They struck him with a sharp stick and blood started flowing out of his body.  The townspeople started to flock and surrounds the burning corpse.  After the said exorcism, the foul stench emanating from different houses suddenly vanished and people went back to their ordinary life.


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