Werzelya is a tale of a vampire demon in the country of Ethiopia.  In real life, Werzelya is said to be the sister of a Saint (Saint Susenyos) but unlike her brother who dedicate his life to the good of men, Werzelya pledged her allegiance to the evil.  He took Satan as her lover and had sexual relationship with him.

Werzelya eventually gave birth to a daughter.  She killed her own daughter and drank her blood believing that it will grant her with magical ability to shape shift into a bird or a snake form.  Then Saint Susenyos discovered that her sister had a relationship with Satan, murdered her own daughter and feed on her blood; he confronted her sister killing her in the process.

But Werzelya didn’t stop from there; she returned as a vampire and started to kill kids in the region.  The son of Susenyos was not spared from the series of killings.  Saint Susenyos rode his horse and went to kill his sister for the second time.  He also defeated her horde of demonic creatures.  After the battle. Susenyos would then proceed in killing every sorcerer he could find.

On the final hour of Werzelya, she swore that anyone who has the medallion of Susenyos will be spared from her attack the next time she return and unleash her terror.


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