Dale Merle Nelson

A Canadian murderer known under the influence of LSD when the killing spree happened, Dale Merle Nelson is the mass murderer of 8 of his neighbors in a crime that happened on September 1970.

There were evidences that Nelson had committed an act of cannibalism in the most bizarre way.  One of his victims was cut open in the stomach where he inserted his whole head and devours the recent meal of the victim.  He was deemed to be sane and in his normal condition while committing the murders, he was sentenced to two counts of murder and order to spend the rest of his life inside the prison.

He was a logger known to fight his impotence with liquor and as well as violence.  Nelson was married and had three children.  He was said to be a good husband to his wife and a caring father.  But he was also reported to be having a problem in anger management especially when he is under the influence of alcohol.  He went into a depressed state when he was 31 year old. Based on the account, he attempted to commit suicide but was unsuccessful in doing so.

On the day of the murder, Nelson was allegedly under the influence of alcohol.  A friend also said that he talked to him about the upcoming hunting season and was not in his normal state.  He left the barn where he took a 7 mm rifle that he loaned to him then he went to buy gun shells and as well as more alcohol.  Then on the midnight, he went to a distant relatives house where he executed his plans.

The authorities arrived on the crime scene and the truck was still outside of the scene.  They discovered number of dead and mutilated bodies inside the house.  They police then drove to Nelson house and took his wife and his children into their custody fearing that Nelson might attack them next.  But the authorities were shocked to know that Nelson is in the crime scene and drove away with one of the bodies.  After a few moments they received a report about a man carrying a gun and that their daughter, Cathy was missing.

The police launched a man hunt and Nelson was arrested on the afternoon of September 6, where he confessed that Cathy is already dead.  He also admitted to all counts of murders that was caused by his alcohol problems and that he is under the influence of LSD.  Prosecutors said that if he would be granted a parole, they would charge him with the remaining 6 counts of murders.


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