Buckinghamshire Vampire case

The Buckingham Vampire case is about a man who died on the year 1192.  At that time he cannot be called a vampire since the term “vampire” started to exist in the English language during the 18th Century.  This particular case was accounted by William of Newburgh from the accounts told by Stephen, Archdeacon of Buckinghamshire Diocese.

The man who died in the year 1912 was laid to rest on the night of the Ascension Day.  That night his wife claimed that his husband visited her.  The man’s name was never mentioned on the story.   The man’s specter climbed on the bed with the wife and began to focus his entire weight on top of the wife. This phenomenon is known as the Old Hag Syndrome, it is a Psychotic Disorder popularly known as Sleep Paralysis.

The wife was almost killed by his dead husband that night. During the third night, the wife fears that his husband might cause him more harm so she decided to invite people at her house.  Shortly, the husband appeared before the crowd and was stunned to see the numbers of people.  They started to shout and create noise that drove away the vampire.  Others claimed that the vampire started to infest other houses and their cattle.  People stay on guard fearing for their life.  There were some people saying that they saw the man walking in broad daylight with an evil look.

The townspeople are desperate and ask for the help of Archdeacon Stephen.  He wrote a letter to the bishop and asked him to help him on a rare case.  Eventually they will find out that similar cases also happened on England.  One of the methods they executed to stop the attack of the said undead was to exhume the body and burn the organs.    Archdeacon Stephen felt it was inappropriate for him to do this so the bishop wrote a letter of forgiveness.  He instructed Stephen to open the coffin and place it on the chest of the corpse.  When they opened the coffin they were startled to see that the corpse of the suspected undead was well-maintained and with no sign of decomposition.  Stephen did as he was told by the bishop, after that day the attacks of the rumored undead ceases. 


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