Woman named Miliza

In a report made by Johann Fluckinger (the same man who reported the vampire incident about Arnold Paole and Stana) a woman named Miliza was mentioned.  Her grave was opened on the same time that the exhumation of the body of Stana occurred.

Miliza is a 60 year old woman, who died of an unknown disease.  She suffered for three months before finally succumbing to the death.  Exactly 3 months after her death, the disinterring on her body was executed believing she was one of the suspected vampires that are causing the massive outbreak of disease on her land.  The disease has caused so much life that the people started to blame it to unknown forces.

The people noticed a fresh blood on her chest and despite of the fact that she died three months ago, they were surprised to find out that the corpse has been maintained well and show no signs of decay.  The exhumation was attended by haiduks (haiduks are like freedom fighters/guerilla) and they marveled on the plumpness and the bloated body of Miliza.  They said that they have known her for her entire life and she has always maintained a lean stick figure.  They were so puzzled how her body could end up swollen, this lead to their belief that Miliza could have feeding herself with blood of her victims.

They also believe that the cause of her being a vampire was that she ate the sheep that was attacked by the vampires.  They think that the sheep was infected by the curse of the undead so when she ingested their meat, she contracted the “virus” thus ending up as an undead creature.

Fluckinger further reported that after their exhumation, their head was decapitated and their body together with their head was reduced to ashes.  The ashes were dispersed on the Morava River.
The people also believe that Miliza started the vampire incident and caused the massive death in their village.  The case of Miliza formulated the notion that anybody can be afflicted by the curse of the vampire.

The incident was also reported by Dr. Glaser, an Austrian military doctor.


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