Shocking News: Fetus Capsule

Customs officials in South Korea have intercepted thousand of pills being smuggled in the country. More than 17,000 pills described as a miracle pill that is believed to cure any type of sickness. Upon further analysis, it was discovered that the pills are made from fetuses. The flesh of the unborn were dried up and turned into a powder to create the Fetus Capsule.

The Horrifying Process of Creating Fetus Capsule

The gruesome trade has been happening for sometime in the Mainland China. Medical companies are receiving notifications from medical staff about babies being aborted. They would then purchased the tiny fetus and store it to their refrigerator before they were taken into the medical clinic to be placed in medical microwaves and turn into Fetus Capsule.

After the skins are all dried up, they were grounded into powder to create pills. The powdered fetuses are mixed with some special herbs. The main purpose of the special herb is to hide the main ingredients of the said Fetus Capsule especially to customs officials.

Chinese authorities were well aware of the said trade, they claimed that they tried to stop the gruesome market but thousands of Fetus Capsule managed to enter the South Korean region. It is not a secret that Chinese have a bizarre history of alternative medicine. They were known to eat human placenta believing that it would improve their blood circulation. There is said to be a huge demand on the said pills because of the medical benefits that it is promising. However, authorities said that human capsules may contain bacteria and other harmful ingredients.

There is also a rumor that these babies came from the place called “dying rooms” where children are left to die because their families already reached the limit of the allowed kids. China is believed to perform at least 13 million abortions a year as a form of birth control process which make it a possible source of Fetus Capsule.


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