Jeremiah Aaron Haughee

Another naked man was caught up in a zombie like attack. This time instead of wanting to eat the face of his victim, Jeremiah Aaron Haughee allegedly bit the stomach of a homeowner. The police of St. Augustine Florida after people reported him going in a rampage on the roof of the residents.

The incident which was reported by the First Coast News claimed that the police arrived in the scene and found two men restraining Jeremiah Aaron Haughee, 22 years old covered with glass and urine. During the fight, Haughe jumped off the roof and bit the stomach of one of the residents. Based on the report, the wound from the bite was so severe that it would leave a mark on the man for the rest of his life.

Officers had to call for backup in order to apprehend him. They use everything they have to restrain him but to no avail. Handcuffs and stun guns have proven to be ineffective to Haughee thus he continued on engaging on a fight with the officers.

Officers had to tase him 5 times before they knocked him down. He was then taken to a nearby hospital and was given a ketamine. He was charged for five counts of battery. The homeowners told the authorities that they woke up and was shocked that Haughee was destroying their garden. Haughee left $1,500 damage on the property of the residents.

It is not confirmed whether Haughee is under the influence of a certain drug or not.


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