Nabbed By A Djinn Genie

A djinn genie is a mythical vampiric creature in Islamic Mythology that also has a similarity to the Genie of the western culture. In Oman, a young man was supposedly abducted by djinn creature while he was driving his motorbike in an area near Mudar Mountain.

A young man attested that he saw the young man drove his motorbike near the mountain but he has not yet returned ever since. His family has started to grow weary about his absence and ask the neighbors about him. On their search they managed to find his motorbike but there were no traces of the young man. The family seek the help of the authority and the police immediately responded by conducting a thorough search. They mobilize with their search dogs and helicopter but still they were unable to find the man who was allegedly abducted by a djinn genie.

On a local newspaper that was published, local residents of the villages surrounding the mountain believe that the djinn creature dwells on the mountain. They said that this is not the first mysterious case that happened in that mountain.

There were also people confirming that the young man has been kidnapped by djinn genie. They believe that if ever such thing occur, they need to seek the help of religious scholar in order for them to set him free  One of them allegedly had a contact with the djinn creature and he said that the young man is being held in a grotto.

People started visiting the mountain and offering sacrifices hoping that the djinns would release the young man. Up to this day, several people are visiting the grotto in order to appease the djinn genie.


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