A Tale of Vampire in Russia

There is a tale of vampire in Russia that tell a story about an Imperial soldier who set on foot to his home. To reach his village he would have to come across to a mill that stood nearby. The miller is a close friend of the soldier so he decided to visit him. He was received warmly by his friend with ale and vodka and they didn’t notice the time while talking about their past since it’s been a long time since they saw each other. Finally the soldier said to his friend that he should be going since it’s already night time. However, his friend stopped him and warned him that he might not reach his destination if he decided to push through.

The soldier was puzzled about what he said. He told him that it would be fairly easy for him to reach his hometown since the moon is bright and is not too far away. His friend told him about the death of a warlock who rise from his grave every night. The vampire in Russia would wander around the town committing horrifying crimes. No one dares to cross the road at night.

As a soldier who has witnessed a number of battles, he would not be scared in this tale of vampire in Russia alone. He boldly declares that he belongs to the Crown and he will never be afraid of the phantom of the night. With an ounce of courage and vodka, the brave soldier set off and it so happens that he came across a cemetery. He saw a ball of fire on one of the graves. He curiously approached it and saw one man sitting on a light of fire.

The soldier greeted the warlock and the warlock was surprised. The warlock asked his intention and the soldier told him that he is there to see what he is doing. The vampire in Russia was amused and told the soldier to accompany him since there is a wedding banquet happening on the town and he invited him to celebrate with him. The soldier agreed though he already has an idea who he was talking to.

They went to the wedding banquet where they were warmly welcome. The two of them drink to their hearts content until the warlock gone berserk and started chasing the other guests. He also cast a hex on everyone that caused the newlywed couple to fall asleep. The Vampire in Russia then pierced their hand and drank their blood before they left the venue.

While on their way, the soldier asked him the reason why he drank the blood of the couple; the Vampire in Russia answered and told him that the couple would die and he alone has the power to bring them back to life. The soldier then asked him how, he said that their blood must be poured back to their wounds, but the blood of the groom and bride is in his pocket and the warlock doesn’t have any intentions of returning it.

The warlock also told him more than that. He also told him the way to kill him. However, before the warlock returned to his grave, he told the soldier that he is going to tear him to pieces. The Vampire in Russia has to kill him or else his secrets will be divulged. The warlock attacked him but the soldier fought back with all his might. The warlock has proved to be a very strong opponent. Just as the warlock was to land the final blow, the soldier heard the sound of the rooster and the warlock cowered back to his grave, but not before the soldier was able to retrieve the vials of blood.

The soldier went back to the couple who was killed by the warlock and brought them back to life. The family gave him everything he wanted in exchange of his good deeds. He also killed the Vampire in Russia and brought the peace back to the town.


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