A Reverend that Turned into a Zombie

This is a story about a rich reverend that was said to turn into a zombie by his mistress with the help of Sanite Dede. Sanite Dede, during her time is considered as one of the most powerful Voodoo Queens just like Marie Laveau

The Story of the Reverend Zombie

The wealthy reverend once lived in New Orleans, a place which is known for its rich culture in voodoo. The clergy member never fails to amuse the girls with his handsome look. His blue eyes and strong German features made him popular to the girls and girls alike. But despite of that he remained faithful to his wife, or so we thought. He was having a secret affair with the servant girl of a plantation.

The illicit affair lasted for 3 years. The reverend managed to keep their relationship a secret. The slave girl was head over heels with the clergy member. She would always watch him even from afar. She can’t help but admire the good features of the cleric. He asked the owner of the servant to donate her to him but the owner of the plantation refused.

The plantation owner demanded a huge amount of money in exchange of the servant. Those are money beyond the capacity of the reverend. They said that the plantation owner also have a relationship with the servant girl.

After two weeks, another servant girl from a different plantation came to him and said that the servant who was involved in a relationship with her was pregnant. The woman quickly went to her master and told her that the servant girl was a voodoo woman who placed a spell on him. The reverend by this time went and said that she also placed a hex on him and asked him to take her as a servant. The master punished the poor servant girl, he cut her tongue and her eyes were gouged.

The people in the plantation, who are aware of her voodoo rituals, went to the Voodoo queen to report the incident. Sanite Dede was furious about the incident and said to the servants that she will do something about the reverend. After three days, the servant girl died due to the harsh beating. At the same night, the reverend died for no known reason. The deceased cleric was buried on a Saturday and on a Sunday noon many people attested that they saw the cleric walking stiffly around the Cathedral. It is said that on the night that he was buried, Sanite Dede bit his tongue and sucked his eyes out. The story said that up to this day, the reverend zombie is walking on the streets of New Orleans looking for his eyes.


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