A Vampire or a Zombie Incident

The account of this zombie incident can be found on the works of Brad Steiger. He claimed that it was relayed to him by a friend who is a professional journalist and whose works appeared on some notable newspaper in the US.

The Story of the Alleged Zombie or Vampire on New England

He said that during the 20th Century, a certain creature still lurks the area of New England. The alleged zombie has been tormenting the certain town but they managed to keep it a secret. They said that if someone moved in the town, they quickly warn them about the creature and advice them not to stay out late at night. If someone was believed to be bitten by this “thing”, they would immediately act on their own by sending this victim to a protected area, out of other people’s reach, and they are treated as an undead.

Though the account written is similar to that of a vampire novel written by a famous author, the difference is that the villagers know nothing on how to suppress the manifestation of that said creature. The alleged zombie incident would attack after a long interval. There is really no definite time on the date of its attack. However, the town’s folk seem to have a way to distinguish its attacks from others.

People who moved in to the village never stayed there for too long. Once a teacher was assigned on the place, she will immediately ask to be replaced before the end of the year. Those who knew about the place would never consider buying or raising their families in that eerie place. Today, they claimed that the tormenting of the zombie creature finally seizes after they managed to find its grave. The villagers poured tons of amounts of cements in the pit hoping that it will stop the attack of the creature. But considering that they only managed to stop the creature and not kill it, it won’t be long before it started unleashing its terror again.


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