A Case of A Demonic Possession

The story about a demonic possession started when the Lee Family of Chicago moved out to New Orleans for a short family vacation. Ethan Lee, the head of the family claimed that he is a descendant of Gen. Robert Lee and of course he wanted to visit New Orleans and explore the area.

The Story of the Demonic Possession

On that afternoon when the demonic possession happened, the Lee family visited the tomb of the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau. They were walking along the Bourbon Road and talking about certain stuff when Claire caught something on the corner of her eye. It was two boys who seemed to appear out of nowhere. They pushed little Timothy that causes him to come rambling to the street.

Ethan was alert to pick up his son. However, as soon as he picked up his son, Timothy started to cough as if it induced something. Claire was so furious about what the two boys did. She tried to shout back at them but the two boys was nowhere in sight. Ethan was puzzled about the shouting of his wife; apparently Ethan never saw the image of the two boys. The people on the street started looking at them with concern as if they are already aware that it can result to a demonic possession.

Some people approached them and asked them about their son. Unfortunately, it looks like Timothy was far from being fine, there was a blood running down his face and he is unconscious. They rushed him to the hospital and the doctor said that there is nothing wrong with Timothy. After two days, the Lee family went back home, but Timothy is no longer the cheerful child. He seems to be very afraid in sleeping in his own room and always insist on sleeping with his parents. This is the start of the demonic possession. 

A few days had passed and Ethan received that his Aunt who lives in Springfield recently passed away. The couple was a bit hesitant to bring Timothy with them due to the accident that happened but Timothy became a bit clingy. The neighbor next door offered their help and told them that they could leave Timothy behind with them. When Claire and Ethan went back from their trip, the neighbor said that something is wrong with their son. The couple talks to their son and it spoke in a manner that they do not recognize. He sounded like he is on his 50’s and a well mannered man with an accent of New Orleans which resembles a demonic possession.

The next day of the demonic possession, the couple took their son to the doctor and the doctor was literally stunned for what he witnessed. After some conversation with the well mannered man in the body of Timothy, Timothy’s body started to get stiff and his voice changed again. Now he is speaking in a tone of a very scared woman.

Then the doctor recognized one of the voices that came from Timothy, he said that it is his former patient Mrs. Loretta Sheldon. Unfortunately Mrs. Sheldon died a few weeks ago prior to this demonic possession. The doctor then suggests that an exorcism could help Timothy. The couple was shocked to hear that a doctor believes that their son is in possession of an evil spirit. Dr. Morgan said that it might not be an evil spirit. The doctor recommended Xavier Foster and said that he is one of the best.

The next day they took their kid to Xavier Foster and for two weeks, Timothy went into a session with Mr. Foster. They found out that most of the spirit possessing their child has been buried alive, reason why their son is scared of dark places. Xavier then told the couple that their son is being invaded by a darkling. He said that the voodoo power of Timmy is so strong and that he is being used by the dead people as a portal to communicate. For 6 months, the boy continued his session with the doctor, and at last Xavier finally announced that Timothy is free of the demonic possession. However, he told the couple that they still need to watch over him since he has a great potential of becoming a spiritual medium.


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