The Story of a Teenage Werewolf

On a 4-minute report that was shown on Ken 5, they revealed about high school students that are claiming to be “teen werewolves”. The students might have been influenced with the popularity of the series that relates to teenage werewolf.

The Alleged Real-Life Story of Teenage Werewolf

The group of students studying at John Marshall High said that there are no reasons for them to be feared. The pack of teenage werewolf who exhibits a Goth looks said that they were not a gang and they treat each other like a family.

The students sometimes conduct a meeting during full moon but they make sure that they have parents’ consent. Fascination about the werewolves started on the 1930s upon the launch of some popular movies. However, the recent movies like Van Helsing and Twilight Saga with touch of romance made the legend more popular to the teenagers which probably led to a community of teenage werewolf.

The pack of teenage werewolf might not have the power to shape shift in the form of a wolf but these teens are experiencing transformation on their own from childhood to adulthood. Growing teens needs to have some sense of belonging and the group of the self-proclaimed werewolves have found their sense of belongings with each other. They are in a group were they were accepted for who they are.

The leader of the teenage werewolf claims that he has some wolf inside him. Each member has some characteristics of a wolf with them, like the eyes which was modified using a contact lens or sometimes wearing wolf-like fangs. This gives them a sense of belongings. They were not trying to be intimidating or even trying to create a menace. They said that they are only there to hang out and have some sense of acceptance within the group. They managed to capture the interest of the public when a pack member whom they considered as an alpha male was suspected of being responsible to the disappearance of the dog of his neighbor.

The pack of teenage werewolf is believed to exist in at least a dozen schools. Each pack contains at least 20 members that does not literally exhibits the physical; attributes of a werewolf.


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