Sava Savanovic: A Serbian Vampire

Rumors about a legendary vampire roaming around the small village found in Western part of Serbia spread fear to the villagers but it increased the number of tourist visits. Local authorities of Zarozjoe remind the public to always carry cloves of garlic on their pocket and place crosses on their doorways in order to repel a visit of a supposed vampire named Sava Savanovic. They believe that a sleeping legendary vampire has awaken and now preying on the villagers of a remote area and also boosting their local income on potential surge of tourists.
Vampire legends

The Vampire Legends of Sava Savanovic

The villagers are baffled on the information given to them by the authorities. They knew for a fact that Sava Savanovic was a part of a Serbian folklore. Nonetheless, it’s better to take precautions regardless if the story is real or not.

Interestingly, the town’s folks are aware that it is a legend but they do not dismiss the fact that some unexplainable things happened in that area during the past. The story of Sava Savanovic was passed to them by their ancestors and they are keen on keeping the story alive by passing it down to the next generation. Whether it is a tradition of culture or a warning sign, the villagers couldn’t care less.

Apparently the people believed that when an old mill collapsed, which they thought was a home to the legendary vampire, the vampire was awaken and is now looking for a new place to stay. Others testify of hearing some footsteps and other odd noise on the alleged staking place of Sava Savanovic, but as the story told he was able to escape a certain death by transforming into a butterfly. While they know that other people might laugh at them regarding on their belief with the vampire legends and other undead creatures, the idea of it is already deeply rooted on their system.

According to old vampire legends, the only way to repel him is to frighten him. They believe Sava Savanovic is only around pretending as one of the villagers. There are already 5 people who died on the area which they think was caused by a vampire (though one of them hang himself).

The tourist may see the idea as a fun way to spend their extra time, but the people of Zarozjoe found the rebirth of the vampire legends a terrifying experience. Some people believed that the rumors about Sava Savanovic started to improve the tourism economy of the place. In my opinion, people should not suffer from fear just to boost the income potential of a certain area.


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