Stana Vampire

The Stana Vampire is an old woman vampire recorded in 1730’s in Medvegia village.    Some says that the Stana is the result of the Arnold Paole vampire incident.  It is believed that a woman in Serbia named Stana (Stanicka, Stanacka) complained about something tormenting her during the middle of the night.  She said that the son of Haiduk named Milloe who died 9 weeks earlier is terrorizing her.  She complained with a terrible chest pain and it only got worse as the day passed.  Stana died on the third day of the said manifestation.

Based on the accounts written in New Monthly Magazine, Vol. 871 :
 “A woman of the name of Stana, twenty years of age, who had died three months before of a three days’ illness following her confinement. She had before her death avowed that she had anointed herself with the blood of a vampire, to liberate herself from his persecution. Nevertheless, she, as well as her infant, whose body, through careless interment, had been half eaten by the dogs, both had died. Her body was entirely free from decomposition. On opening it, the chest was found full of recently-effused blood, and the bowels had exactly the appearances of sound health. The skin and nails of her hands and feet were loose and came off, but underneath lay new skin and nails.”

Montague Summers: Vampire in Europe also gave a description of the casket and the remains:
 When it was opened the chest was found to be full offresh blood, the viscera had all the appearance of soundhealth. The skin and nails of both hands and feet wereloose and came off, but underneath was a clean new skinand nails.” 
The remains of the baby was also exhumed but the body was so mutilated by the wolf that it is too impossible to determine if there are any signs of vampirism present on the remains.  The remains of the son of Haiduk were also unearthed.


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