Edgar Allan Poe, A Vampire?

Edgar Allan Poe, an author, poet, editor, etc. was known for his macabre tales and mystery novels. He got married on 1835 with his 13-year old cousin Virginia Clemm. She contracted the virus of tuberculosis on January of 1842 and succumbed to death after five years. As we all know, the consumption is often associated with vampirism. But that is not the reason why Edgar Allan Poe was suspected of vampirism. It was due to the Poe Toaster.

The Poe Toaster is a name given to an unidentified person who pays an annual tribute to his gravesite. It began in 1949 and occurs every year on the exact date of the birthday of Poe.  Based on Wikipedia “In the early hours of the morning on that date, a black-clad figure, presumed to be male, with a silver-tipped cane enters the Westminster Hall and Burying Ground in Baltimore, Maryland. The individual proceeds to Poe’s grave, where he or she raises a cognac toast. Before departing, the Toaster leaves three red roses and a half-bottle of cognac on the grave.”

In the 2011 radio play entitled “The Poe Toaster Not Cometh” aims to explain the mysterious death of Poe. He was depicted as a vampire who arrives from the future and went on a killing spree on Baltimore. They depicted the Poe Toaster as the contemporary of Poe that was able to survive time by means of occult.

On several occasions, the Poe Toaster will leave a note. Notes with messages like “The torch will be passed” or “Edgar, I haven’t forgotten you.”


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