3 Homeless Man accused of Cannibalism

3 homeless men were arrested by the police due to the allegations of cannibalizing a 25-year-old man.  Authorities believed that they have butchered the man and sold the other pieces of his flesh to a kebab house.  The authorities aroused suspicion when they stumbled upon scattered human remains that are near the bus stop on the City of Perm which is around 720 miles in the Eastern part of Moscow.

Prior to this, the three men already have criminal records.  They allegedly attacked the man using a knife and a hammer and started slicing his flesh.  The allegation whether some of the pieces were sold to the customers of kebab house is yet to be proven.

The local investigators said that after committing the crime, they decided to divide the corpse.  They ate some parts of the victims while the remaining parts were sold to an establishment selling pies and kebabs.


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