A Crime committed by someone obsessed with vampire culture.

Lisa Manderach was about to celebrate her birthday on the next coming weeks when she went on a quick trip with her daughter (who was only 19 months old that time) to a newly opened clothing store located in Collegeville, Pennsylvania non the 10th of September,  1995.  That was the last time they saw Liza and her daughter alive.  Details of the incident were documented on the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Lisa’s husband is well aware of her wife’s destination so the police launched a thorough search on the store.  The investigation team managed to found a stashed of pornographic materials stained with bloods and strands of long hair similar to the missing woman.  Caleb Fairly, 21 years old and was the keeper of the clothing store possess some notable scratches on his face.  He said he acquired them on a small fight in a local club, but upon further analysis, the scratches revealed to be an injury caused by fingernails.  The police arrested Fairly as the prime suspect on the committed crime.

Caleb Fairly
Caleb Fairly

The body of the daughter was discovered by a group of hikers on the Valley Forge National Park but her mother was not with her.  The defense bargain to remove the death penalty from this case and Fairly will divulged the location of the body.  The DA agreed to the terms that dismayed the public.  They thought that the body of the woman will soon be found if only the authorities did their job.  The DA on the other hand is racing through some hard evidence that can be found when they examine the body of Lisa.

Lisa’s body was found in an abandoned industrial facility at the King of Prussia.  Lisa’s body was taken for an autopsy.

The media also took interest on the case and exposed that Fairly has been collecting stuff about vampires.  He also joined an association that often conducts a real-life role playing game about vampire.

Forensic reports states that the stain of blood found on Fairly’s shirt matched on the blood sample of Lisa.  The flesh tissue found under the fingernail of Lisa also matches that of Fairly.   
Fairly was found guilty and ordered to spend two life terms inside the prison. 


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