An undead vampiric creature, who is also considered as a ghost witch, the Skadegamutc is a part of the legend of various American tribe particularly of the Wabanaki tribe.

During the morning, the Skadegamutc are nothing but corpses.  It seems that they are vulnerable to sunlight which is the main reason that they only attack during the night.  As soon as the night falls, the Skadegamutc will rise from its grave and hunt for its victim.

Wicked people or witch is said to turn into a skadegamutc when they die.  Curse that is similar to European vampires wherein an evil person or a person who did not make an atonement of his sins do not stay dead but return as an undead creature and wreak havoc among the livings.

Skadegamutc maintain its existence by feeding on the human meat and sucking on the blood.  They can also shape shift in a form of a ball of light.  According to the legends, the usual prey of this creature involves hunters and those who often take shelter on the cemetery at night time. 

This creature is also said to possess dark magic that can place a hex or curse on people.  They are also believed to possess a super human strength.  Their camouflage ability helps them in concealing themselves from enemies.  They are said to be immune to normal weapons.

One has to approach the corpse of a suspected Skadegamutc and burn them during the day due to the fact that they are vulnerable during daytime.  In some stories, an arrow seems to halt the attack of this creature, though it is not clear if the number of people in the crowd or the arrow that is aimed towards him caused him to retreat.


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