A man attacked his own father to drink his blood

A man who thinks that he is a vampire attacked his own father with a knife and drinks his blood in order to join an order of the vampire.  He was handed a 3-year suspended sentence which means the next time he attempted to bite another man again and suck his blood, he will definitely go straight to a mental asylum.

Raimund G, the man who decided to become a self-pledged vampire on November needs to drink blood in order to be ordained in a group of vampires.   It is just too unfortunate that he chose his own father.

The attack happened supposedly in one evening when the whole family prepares for a dinner.  Raimund apparently went straight to the drawer to get a knife and attacked his father.  While he was launching the attack he confessed to his parents that he is a vampire and he needed to kill his father.

His father was able to take away the knife from the hand of Raimund, but he was able to reach for a second knife and went after his old man. His father sustained a cut in his finger that bleed which his son licked up.

When the authorities arrived on the scene, they saw Raimund calmly talking to a neighborhood in their yard.  His girlfriend attested that something is wrong with Raimund that day and said that he felt like he is a vampire.  Prior to the incident, Raimund is known to be drinking heavily and playing lots of video games.  The investigating team also found several horror films at their house.


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