A 14 year old boy sliced and cooked the flesh of a 7 year old boy

In a ritual that he said to be inspired by the movie Warlock, 14 year old Sandy Charles killed a 7 year old boy.  The way that the body of the 7 year old kid was mutilated is similar to that of the Movie.  Sandy Charles is said to watch the movie for at least 10 times.

Sandy Charles stabbed the 7-year-old kid with a knife and beat him using a beer bottle and a piece of rock.  After he was successful in killing the boy, he sliced his flesh into strips and boiled it down.  Based on the movie “Warlock” drinking a boiled down fat that comes from a virgin would give you the ability to fly.  Charles allegedly wanted to fly.

He apparently told the police that a spirit inside his room was instructing him to do it.  He was thinking about committing a suicide but later decided that killing someone is a better idea.  During the trial, a psychiatrist test was presented as a witness proving that Charles is suffering from a mental illness.  It was reported that he did not see the victim as a human but as an object that needed to be killed in order to fulfill his wish.  He was not found criminally liable due to his mental illness.

But in June of 2000, Charles attacked a prison nurse.  Charles reportedly got in on a fight and knocked the unfortunate nurse unconscious.  He was sentenced to one day inside the jail.


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