Owenga can be found on the legends of Guinea, a North African country.  These are the spirits of the dead magicians or people who practice black magic that returned from the living to continue their life of sin and torment those that are still living.  The owengas only attack those people from their own town.  There are no known ways that can kill this undead creature but a certain offering can be done to appease their soul.  Blood offerings usually that of the animal that has never mated is an effective way to calm the troubled soul of the owenga.  The blood is poured into a bowl and left outside of the house particularly in the doorway so the owengas can see it immediately.  The Owenga will accept the blood offering in an instant and leave the village at peace.

But there are some instances when the Owenga feels so much anger and cannot be appeased with a simple offering of the animal’s blood.  It will return on the village from time to time to take a life of the villagers and spread disease.  You should also be careful in offering blood to the Owenga.  Make sure that no amount of blood was spilled on the ground since this would make the Owenga much stronger.  Any spilled blood should be clean immediately.

Thus, if you visited any village in Guinea, they have the tradition to clean up any blood residue and burn any clothing with a drip of blood because they believe that any villagers who strictly follow this tradition will always be free from the torment that was brought by the Owenga.

The Owenga is believed to feast on the blood of its victims while they were sleeping.


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