A Chupacabra slayed 35 sheep?

Farmers  in Mexico found 35 of their sheep dead with noticeable claw marks and bite around their neck.  At an instant glance of the sheep, the farmers firmly believe that it was done by a chupacabra.  One of the farmers who was tending his flock of sheep that night claimed that he witnessed a creature with sharp teeth and wings that feast on the sheep.

Chupacabra is a vampiric creature that commonly attacks the livestock by draining their blood, usually leaving their meat untouched, even though they have also been blamed for most of the mutilation done on the livestock.

Around the same time when the incident occurred, a photo of a creature that looked like a mix between a kangaroo and a dog surfaced the public.  The hospital workers were able to see the creature while they are on break and they said that it quickly flee into the woods.  They were able to capture it by luring it into a trap, but they eventually released it back to the wild.

Authorities believed that the death of 35 sheep on March 2012 was caused by a coyote or a stray animal, but the sheep only contains injury on their neck and died on a significant loss of blood.  Their meat were left untouched and the other livestocks that were able to survive contains minor injuries.

Authorities said that anything extraordinary and concerns the death of the cattle is blamed on the chupacabra.


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