Sex offender claiming that he is vampire

The search of the authority for an alleged sexual offender led them to a child molester who claimed that he is a vampire.  He added that he have fangs to back up his claims.

The law enforcement was searching for a convicted sexual offender.  They said that David Gray who was 48 years old who lived in Mesa, Arizona sleeps in a casket and believe that he is a 100% vampire.

David Gray acquired a dental implant placed into his teeth to make it look like a vampire fangs.  He was also convicted for sexually molesting the daughter of his girlfriend.  He served a little bit of his sentence and was placed in lifetime probation after. But Gray violated his probation.  Gray was not allowed to move location without telling his officer.

The authorities found him in an intersection in Mesa which is near the 67th street.  He was ordered by the officer to go down his vehicle and was arrested.  He was just one of the 30 sex offenders that were arrested on the past few weeks.

Officers tend to increase their visibility during the Halloween holiday.  They are planning to check on the 400 sexual offenders who are not allowed to place a Halloween decoration, put on their lights or answer their door especially to those children who are having trick or treat.


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