Hidden Famine in North Korea

A man from North Korea was executed after it was proven that he murdered and cannibalized his two kids for foods.  It is said that there is a hidden famine in an agricultural area in the North and South of Hwanghae that is said to result to the death of at least 10,000 individuals.  Due to the alarming famine, reports about cannibalism have risen.

The gruesome story of a father who ate his two kids is just one of those stories after the area was hit by drought and officials started confiscating foods.  An undercover reporter told the Sunday Times that there was a case of a starving man who dug up the corpse of his grandchildren and ate it.  There was also an incident about a man boiling his own child for food.

Despite of the famine, Kim Jong Un decided to allot a hefty amount of money on two rocket launches.  The man who was proven to cannibalize his two kids was executed by a firing squad.  The informant claimed that the man killed his own daughter while his wife was away, he has no plan of killing his son but unfortunately he saw him murder his daughter.  When his wife returns home, the husband told her that they have a meat for food.  The woman grew suspicion and contacted the police.  The police eventually discovered pieces of the children’s bodies.

The undercover reporter further stated that officials have been confiscating food on two provinces and delivering them to the capital city, Pyongyang.

This is not actually the first time that the communist country was implicated in a cannibalism issue.  The North Korean famine that happened during the 90’s that reportedly killed 240,000-2.5 million people contains gruesome stories about cannibalism.


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