Segben is a creature from the legends of the Philippines who is considered a vampire, but its description varied depending on the region you are in.  But commonly it is depicted as a huge, dark skinned creature similar to a goat but with no horns.  Unlike other vampires who can assume the form of a human during the day, the Segben tends to be invisible during the day.

Segben is a type of an energy vampire.  It attacks at night and can immediately kill its victim by looking at it or by eating its shadow.  The mere presence of a segben can drain the life energy of a dying person using it to maintain its existence.  Those kids who allegedly died due to the attack of a segben will have their hearts craft into an enchanted amulet.  The segben does not usually eat flesh and drink blood of its prey (though in some cases it did).  It prefers to stuff itself with charcoal and corpses.  In the instance that you spotted a segben in its goat form, the segben would act like it was eating grass.

The creature also has a commendable speed that it used to escape any attempt of capture.  It also has a shape shifting ability but its ability always presented a flaw.  Whenever he changes into a frog, the legs of the segben appears to be longer, in instance that he changes into a goat the ears also appears to be longer and its hips are higher than the shoulder.  But it is also easy to distinguish from the other since its presence always releases a disgusting smell.

In order to drive a way a segben, the smell and sight of smoke is proven effective.  Also the strong smell of spices and the sounds of the clanging knife can ward of the segben.


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