Bokor is a sorcerer who both wields the forces of dark and light in the religion of Voodoo.   They are also a priest/priestess for hire that create zombie and talisman that encapsulates spirits.  They are usually found in the Haitan folklore and often associated with dark magic such as creating zombies.  The Bokor is known to use a potion similar to a zombie powder that contains the toxin of puffer fish to fake death.  The bokor will return to the supposed corpse and will do bidding and force him to do manual labor.

They will then give the “corpse” a delirium medicine that apparently placed them in a trance state and made their sense of thinking confused making them act like a mindless creature.  The effect of the said drug is similar to being mind controlled.  They said that this is the time that they are mistaken to be a zombie.  They were actually alive but they are no longer in control of their body.  Such is the case of Clairvius Narcisse, the Haitian slave who was forced to work in a plantation for so many years and was later released from his obligation after his master died.  However there are also legends saying that the bokor also have the ability to re-animate a dead body whose soul is no longer present to the body.

Bokors are also known to have a connection with the souls of the deceased trapped in a fetish, they are called Zombie Astrals.  These types of spirits are said to magnify the power of the Bokor.  Bokors are known to have a close tie with the Baron Samedi also known as the king of the Zombie.

Bokors are said to be distinguished by the time of their death.  The infants who are known to be having a great power are destined to become a Bokor.  Though they are generally known to be wielding both the powers of dark and light they are considered evil in some legends.


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