The Living Dead Girl of Texas

A young girl by the name of Sadie Mae was caught in a gruesome accident at around the late 1800’s-the early 1900’s.  The young girl suffered a terrible head injury brought by an accident in a wagon.  Stories said that the wagon stumbled upon her and it took at least 4 hours before they can recover their frail body.   Though the accident was horrible, she managed to come out of it with no scratch.  She was able to walk normal but she doesn’t seem to respond on those people who tried to have a conversation with her.

Sadie Mae would always stood up and just stare at nothingness.  Sometimes you would catch her glaring at you with her very pale skin.  And because of the accident, Sadie Mae would wander around the village and it would be hard for her family to find her.  Sometime, her parents would chain her outside of the house, so that her pale skin could catch enough sun shine and also to stop her from wandering around the town.

There is also a story about Sadie Mae and her puppy.  One day her father gave her a puppy in hope that she will regain her brightness and the puppy would help her in her treatment.  But right on that minute, Sadie Mae tore the skin of the dog with her teeth and ate it.

Sadie Mae started attacking children and passersby that day.  One time, Sadie Mae wandered around the town again but this time her parents could no longer find her.  The next day they found Sadie Mae standing on the street of Jefferson covered with blood.  Though no one was able to distinguish who owns the blood in her clothes.

There came a point that Sadie Mae just disappeared.  The town’s folks tried to find her to no avail.   Though the legend of Sadie Mae is popular in the area of Texas, no one really wants to talk about her.  


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