The Mysterious Stranger

The Mysterious Stranger is a short story written by an unknown author.  It poses striking similarity with Bram Storker’s Dracula.  The short story was originally written on German Language in the year 1860 and was translated and published in Odds and Ends pages.   The story was considered as a virtual copy model for the novel Dracula. Bram Stroker might have use the short story as a reference during his research when he was writing his own novel.  The wandering knight and the castle’s destruction are also some of the elements that can be found in both literary works. 

But what is more mysterious is the author of the story.  Who would write such a masterpiece that would choose to maintain his/her anonymity?  Could he have a firsthand knowledge about the thing that bumps in the night?
 Now listen! I had walked up and down my room for along time; I was excited—out of spirits—I do not knowexactly what. It was almost midnight ere I lay down, but Icould not sleep. I tossed about, and at length it was only fromsheer exhaustion that I dropped off. But what a sleep it was!An inward fear ran through me perpetually. I saw a numberof pictures before me, as I used to do in childish sickness. I donot know whether I was asleep or half awake. Then Idreamed, but as clearly as if I had been wide awake, that asort of mist filled the room, and out of it stepped the knightAzzo. He gazed at me for a time, and then letting himselfslowly down on one knee, imprinted a kiss on my throat.Long did his lips rest there, and I felt a slight pain, whichalways increased, until I could bear it no more. With all mystrength I tried to force the vision from me, but succeededonly after a long struggle. No doubt I uttered a scream, forthat awoke me from my trance. When I came a little to mysenses I felt a sort of superstitious fear creeping over me—howgreat you may imagine when I tell you that, with my eyesopen and awake, it appeared to me as if Azzo's figure werestill by my bed, and then disappearing gradually into the mist,vanished at the door! "You must have dreamed very heavily, my poor friend,"began Bertha, but suddenly paused. She gazed with surprise atFranziska's throat. "Why, what is that?" she cried. "Just look:how extraordinary—a red streak on your throat!"Anonymous "The Mysterious Stranger" (1860) The Mysterious Stranger; Anonymous


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