Bomb Threat of a Man Claiming to be a Vampire?

Section of a Third Avenue was closed to the public access on March 2010 after a man appeared wearing something that resembles a pipe bomb appeared claiming that he is a vampire and  have this urge to devour humans.  The Bomb squad arrested the thirty three year old man and took him to the County Courthouse.  Upon further inspection the pipe he’s wearing that appears to be a pipe bomb was not an explosive device after all.

The self proclaimed vampire was suffering from a mental disability according to his lawyer and that the prescribed medications were not aiding him.  The court ordered the lawyer to address the issue.

Witnesses claimed that the man is dressed in black when he walked inside the ministry and said that he will blow up the whole place.  He told the people inside the union Gospel Mission that he is a vampire and that he wanted to feed on humans.  The staff of the building immediately called for help upon seeing a pipe like device taped on him. The device appeared to be real enough which also triggered the panic to people on the Third Avenue.

The man quickly left after the staff called the police department.  They found him on the Third Avenue after a few moments.  The police gave him a pair of scissors to remove the thing taped on his wrist.  Thankfully the demented man was quick to respond to the authorities’ request.  The suspected bomb was given to the bomb squad unit for further investigation.  After the man was search for any possible lethal device, he was taken to the police station for interrogation.

Prior to this, the man has already jailed for drug related problems and was ordered to undergo a treatment.  But sadly no such test was conducted by the authority.


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