Aufhockers are creatures of the German legends.  They are usually identified as a shape shifter that takes the form of a dog or sometimes an old woman before they reveal their true identity to the unlucky victim.  But in some cases, these creatures are so small that it can jump into your shoulder and magnify your feelings of fear.  The victim would eventually collapse due to extreme fear.  There are also some stories that states that the aufhocker eventually grows feeding on fear, the victim would eventually collapse due to the size of the aufhocker.

The aufhocker usually kills its prey by tearing their throat which associates him more to vampires rather than werewolves though it has a power to shape shift into a dog and always mistaken to be a kobold.

They attack those people who accidentally wander in the woods at late night and those who went astray.  This creature would not reveal itself to a party making it very difficult to kill.  It is known to be very clever and only attacks those who are vulnerable to his terror.  The aufhocker cannot be killed alone.

Some people also claimed that they have been attack by this creature while they were asleep, a trait which could be associated with the Old Hag or sleep paralysis. Because of this, the Aufhocker was believed to have the ability to put someone to sleep and cause him terrible nightmares.

To drive away an Aufhocker, some says that it is scared of loud sound especially the sound of the church bell.  Prayers are also known to be an effective way to drive away the evil spirit.  Sometimes cursing with all your might is enough to scare the creature.  Attacks of the aufhocker also subside at the breaking of dawn, just like any other type of vampiric creature.


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